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  1. Will new Government occupational health assessments result in benefit disqualification?


    February 11, 2014 by sharonbrennan

    This week the Government announced the creation of a new Health and Work service. Once set-up, anyone off sick for …
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  2. What practical changes to Atos’s WCA would you recommend to the Government?


    March 21, 2012 by sharonbrennan

    The ‘Responsible Reform’ Spartacus report revealed the power of social media in helping to raise awareness to the cuts faced …
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  3. The Government is implicated in creating negative attitudes to disabled


    November 29, 2010 by sharonbrennan

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  4. Dying man deemed fit to work – an omen for incapacity benefit cuts?


    June 29, 2010 by sharonbrennan

    A couple of years ago I went on a date with a guy who declared over dinner that:“As long as …
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