I sit on the Government’s Disabled Persons Transport Advisory Committee (DPTAC), chaired by Baroness Kramer. Sitting within the department of transport, the committee advocates on behalf of those living with any kind of disability to help improve access to all forms of national transport.

I help to advise individual Government department projects on the needs of disabled people as well as working on proactive issues within which we would like to see change.

I have a particular interest in disability awareness and I’m spearheading discussions with transport providers on how to improve staff disability training. I also represent DPTAC on the national bus partnership forum.

As someone who’s life has been changed by organ donation I am a vocal supporter of organ donation and encouraging people to sign up to the register. I believe in the opt-out system that Wales is introducing next year and would also like to see people’s wishes upheld after their death. At the moment current practice allows for families to overturn their loved one’s decision to be an organ donor after their death.

Signing up to the organ donor register takes a few minutes and you can do it here:

I’m always interested in connecting with organisations or individuals who are working within the areas I specialise in.


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