Are disability cuts just aimed at ‘scroungers’?


May 12, 2011 by sharonbrennan

I’m in hospital for the next couple of weeks trying to get healthy for my upcoming wedding (one month to go!). I’ve just taken part in a Guardian panel piece about yesterday’s Hardest Hit March which demonstrated against the Government’s plethora of cuts against disabled people.

I know there seems to be a prevailing concept in the wider society that these cuts are justified because it is only effecting those that aren’t truly ill and just want an easy life. But that really isn’t the case. I wasn’t well enough to go on the march yesterday so to do my bit I’ve compiled some news stories about how disabled people are already being effected by cuts and their fears for the future. Please just spend thirty minutes reading around the issue with an open mind.

The Guardian is obviously a good place to start but there have been stories cropping up in even the more right wing media. Here’s a selection of writing to get everyone thinking:
Guardian: Disabled people are marching for their lives
Guardian: It is now officially unsustainable to support disabled people
The Sun: No Cash as leg may grow back
The Mirror: Amputee loses benefit after walking
Scotland’s Evening Times: Call for fairer benefits test as men [declared fit to work] die
Guardian: ‘The Medical was an absolute joke’ Heavily researched piece on flawed ESA medical tests
The Independent: Disability charities raise welfare concerns

2 thoughts on “Are disability cuts just aimed at ‘scroungers’?

  1. Hi there Sharon, just found your blog via the Guardian piece and just wanted to let you know about mine which features some coverage of protest cuts. My other half has M.S.

  2. Sharon says:

    Dear Frances, thank so much for letting me know about your blog, it's a good resource and one I'm sure to read. x

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