Lessons from the Government: Get rid of people that don’t agree with you

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September 24, 2010 by sharonbrennan

I haven’t written all week and I’m dead tired. On some new drug that means you pretty much can’t sleep even though you want to. Yeah, legal version of speed I guess. So I’ve mostly been a zombie this week.

Anyhow I haven’t posted all week which is a bad habit to sleep into, wow, that was a Freudian slip, I meant fall into. Obviously my fingers are now dreaming of sleep.

Another bad habit is always finding things to bitch about – so please do send me suggestions for positive health stories so I can try to balance the scales a little. But until that point I’m just going to post a list of the 177 quangos that the Government is considering axing.

The ones that are directly relevant to this blog are:

Disability Employment Advisory Committee
Disability Living/Attendance Allowance Advisory Board
Disabled Persons’ Transport Advisory Committee

I’ve linked to what each one does.  The first two listed give independent advice to the Government on how best to help disabled people back into work and eligibility for Disability Living Allowance.
The Government has been getting plenty of stick over the medical test used to assess eligibility for Employment Support Allowance, basically telling people to go back to work when they clearly aren’t well enough to do so. And in its emergency budget earlier this year the Government announced measures to reassess all DLA claimants from 2013, a measure that disablity groups are already expressing concern about.

So I must say I’m very impressed with the tactics behind this latest ‘money saving’ venture. I wish I could just make people disappear who don’t agree with something I’ve said. Unfortunately I’m not the Government, so I can’t use cost-cutting excuses as a reason to disband committees that might have something to say about its continual policy attacks on the disabled community. I’ts really rather ingenious on the part of this wonderful Government.

And that’s all folks. I think I need to S L E E P.

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